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26 June 2009


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Would like to wish you all well on your journey.I'll miss my daily experience of MLIS.
regards Terry

Nicole Chen

I've been following your blog for some time now, from when I myself was an expat living in Barcelona to where I am now, back in the Bay Area. I've been vicariously living my memories of Spain through your daily musings, and thank you so much for letting me share in your life. Best of luck to you, may we always have Spain, y un abrazo fuerte para ti y todo la familia (especialmente los mascotas!).



Thanks so much for the kind words. :-) And Nicole, soooo good to hear from you! I have wondered where you were these days (I sort of remember your last blog post being from Antwerp?). Nice to know you've been reading all along... :-)


We have a house nearby and also have been following your blog for a number of years. Best wishes to you both and I hope your next destination will give you the life that you are seeking. have you decided where you are going?

Brian and Amalah


You should celebrate 5th year blog anniversary :)
I wish all the best and lots more blogging years.

Emilie Babcox

Best wishes for your new adventures - and maybe a new blog? My life in _______?

Gretchen Henkel

Haven't visited your blog for a while, and again I am taken by the poignancy of your observations. Ah, village life: the beauties and the curses of it! vaya con dios, both of you! keep us all posted on your next adventure. I still remember hanging out in Philadelphia, and sharing beers! Where does the time go? Gretchen


I think it takes a certain kind of person to be an expat permanently and very few manage it. I've been in Thailand for just over 6 years and still going strong, although I probably have some of the frustrations you had in Spain.

I will also say that most Americans I've met normally end up back in the US. Most Brits and Aussies end up anywhere but Britain or Australia :-)

But, if I compare my life in Bangkok to going back to the US to live, not a chance in hell. Thailand beats that every time!

Good luck, no matter where you end up :-)

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