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02 January 2008


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Came across your blog when looking for links to L'Avenc - my wife and I are off there later this month for a few days peace and quiet to relieve the stress of a Scottish Xmas and New Year. On reading your blog I realised that you live in C******. We had our second visit there last August (in a house on the Plazoleta)and are returning for a longer stay in April. We like the place enormously (although I'd happily take a baseball bat to the motos and quad bikes!). Interesting, however, to get an account of what it's like to atually live there. I look forward to reading more. All the best to you and Big Jim for 2008.



Thank you very much for the kind wishes, David. Have a wonderful time at L'Avenc. BJ and I still talk about our time there. :-) As far as the village is concerned, I do believe it is a wonderful place to visit, and the Plazoleta is perhaps one of its most precious corners. I also know many people who are indeed happy living there, so I suspect whether one remains content in such a place depends more on personal priorities. For us, it feels more and more like we are living in a surreal British colony, which is why we plan to move in the coming year.
Now off to resume our holiday as we've just arrived in the Big Apple.
Thanks again for stopping by!

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