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***40 things about me***

1. Love, love, love food
2. Lived in Philly for 11 years before moving to Spain
3. Favorite band ever: Guided by Voices
4. Favorite color: Lilac
5. Have a BA in Spanish from Moravian College
6. And an Art minor
7. Was born April 13, 1968
8. Have one husband, two dogs
9. Have visited four continents
10. And 15 countries
11. Have been a medical editor for way too long
12. Am trying to transition career to writing
13. Have a younger brother and sister
14. Met my husband in a bar in Brussels
15. Only have 5% vision in my right eye because of detached retina 2+ years ago and a newly formed cataract
16. Love yoga
17. Desperately miss bagels and pizza
18. Have a book-buying obsession
19. Was stranded in the NWFP of Pakistan during October 2005 earthquake
20. Was rescued three days later by a Pakistani army helicopter
21. Am movie freak---husband and I have 600+ DVDs in our collection
22. Have not had television (except for watching DVDs) for 6+ years (and don't miss it)
23. Hardly ever buy anything retail---am total eBay junkie
24. Love Vietnamese food
25. And good old American diners
26. Have visited 31 US states
27. One drove from Philly to Virginia just to get a proper pork bar-b-que
28. Count Richard Russo among my favorite authors
29. Have one tattoo
30. Think pears may be the perfect fruit
31. Although cantaloupe is a close second
32. Choose mountains over sea almost every time (although this is changing as I get older, have no idea why)
33. Make a mean marinara
34. Think Martha Stewart got shafted
35. Love my iPod
36. And butter cream-iced cupcakes
37. First car was a 1974 VW Superbeetle
38. Am currently trying to get pregnant
39. Love working at home, NEVER want to return to "The Office"
40. Stopped eating meat as of January 1, 2008 and feel great!